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Strengthen your immune system so that it can fight and resist all the unwanted viruses and bacteria in your body.

You don't deserve to be prone to diseases and illness. With the richness of natural herbs, IMMUNITY VITALS make your inside strong and healthy.

Here's more IMMUNITY VITALS brings to you:

➡️ Increase Energy Levels

➡️ Defends Against Virus/Bacteria

➡️ 15 Classic Herbs To Build Immunity


This Pack Contains 3 Bottles.
(Dosage of 1 Month)

Rs. 1,107.00
Rs. 1,090.00

Sugar Free

100% Ayurvedic


Balances Body

Free Shipping

COD Available

Say YES to Immunity and NO to ill Health

No Side Effects

Better Health

Advanced Biotechnology

Decreased Inflammation

15 Natural Herbs

Goodness of Ayurveda

Increased Energy Levels

Improved Immune System

Improved Respiratory Health

Defends Against Viruses and Bacteria

Ingredients that will Transform the Way You Live

The Ultimate Immunity Booster Syrup

Better Health
Improved Immune System
Reduction in Respiratory Problems
Suitable for all Adults
Can Handle all Weather Conditions
Protection Against COVID-19
Reduced Risk of Various Harmful Diseases
Protection from Harmful Viruses and Bacteria

How to Consume?

90 Days ( May vary for person to person ) Take After Meal

Made using the combination of Ayurveda and Modern Science

Most of the people living in modern India face various health issues because of a weaker immune system. A busy lifestyle, improper diet, lack of nutrition, the list of reasons can be never-ending but something needs to be done.

Taking a step further for better health of adults living in India, our experts developed an amazing syrup - IMMUNITY VITAL which helps in strengthening the immune system so that it can tackle any severe health issue.

Who Should Consume?

IMMUNITY VITALS is a product perfect for people facing health issues because of a weaker immune system. It's 100% natural with the power and richness of Ayurveda for effective results.

IMMUNITY VITALS - Your Protector

Are you prone to falling sick?
Do you feel weak from the inside?
Don’t you want to feel strong and healthy?

Well, Immunity Vitals is the protector you are looking for.

Strengthen your immune system and don’t be a victim to disease causing viruses and bacterias. Be strong from inside to ace everything outside.

IMMUNITY VITALS has the magic of Ayurveda and the power of modern science, you’ll observe significant results with no side effects.

Why don’t you try it yourself and feel the confidence of good health and having a strong immune system?

Customer Reviews

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Best product

I shopped from vedicvitals and really this product turned out to be more than what I expected. Really the products are amazing and one should surely use the products for once

Mahendra Chauhan
Immunity vitals

I have using this product since few months . Its really helps In improving immunity .

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