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Keep your liver healthier and happier so that your whole body processes are smoother.
With V-Liver Vital you can strengthen your liver and repair it from all the harmful effects of liquor.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, there are lower chances of a hangover. Improve your digestion and keep your body healthy.

Being 100% herbal it doesn't have any side effects, here's are some of the key benefits for you that V-Liver Vital has:

➡️ Helps in curing the damage caused due to the consumption of liquor
➡️ Helps in curing all diseases caused due to weak liver
➡️ Increase metabolism


Note:- V-Liver Vitals should not be consumed during pregnancy.


This Pack Contains 3 Bottles.
(Dosage of 1 Month)

Rs. 981.00
Rs. 960.00

Sugar Free

100% Ayurvedic


Balances Body

Free Shipping

COD Available

Say YES to Healthy Liver and NO to ill Health

Better Health

No Side Effects

Better Metabolism

Increased Appetite

Strengthening of Liver

Pain Killer

Advanced Biotechnology

Goodness of Ayurveda

Prevention of Diseases caused due to weak Liver

Prevents from Damage caused by Liquor Intake

Ingredients that will Transform the Way You Live

The Ultimate Liver Detox Syrup

Better Health
Repair Damaged Liver
Strengthen Liver
Suitable for all Adults
Improve Appetite and Metabolism
Overall Improvement Indigestion
Better Blood Processing
Proper Body Balance

How to Consume?

90 Days ( May vary for person to person ) Take After Meal

Made using the combination of Ayurveda and Modern Science

Most of the people living in modern India face various health issues due to a damaged liver. Irresponsible liquor consumption or unhealthy lifestyle, the list of reasons can be never-ending but something needs to be done.

Taking a step further for better health of adults living in India, our experts developed an amazing syrup - V-LIVER VITALS which helps in strengthening the liver and protects it from further damage.

Who Should Consume?

V-LIVER VITALS is a product perfect for people facing health issues due to a damaged liver. It's 100% natural with the power and richness of Ayurveda for effective results.

V-LIVER VITAL - Your Liver Cleanser

Do you regularly consume liquor?
Are you facing liver related health issues?
Do you want to be free from these troubles?

Well, V-Liver Vital is the cleanser you are looking for.

Protect and cure your liver from all the damage and improve your overall body processes.

V-LIVER VITAL has the magic of Ayurveda and the power of modern science, you’ll observe significant results with no side effects.

Why don’t you try it yourself and rejuvenate your liver?

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kushal Limbu

I dont know about it as the only thing happening is after drinking it u have go to pee to many time.


I have been smoking for 15 years my stamina was below average this product has helped me very much

Its Magic, Not a medecine

I am blown with the results. Doctors literally said my liver is 70% damaged. I lost all the hopes but V Liver Vitals is a magic for me. Really great Product. Must Recommended

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